Business Coaching Membership in Louisville, KY

Business Coaching Membership in Louisville, KY

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The Circle

Hell Yes Coaching introduces The Circle, a premier annual membership designed by Becca Pike for driven entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders aiming to elevate their success. Ideal for those navigating the complexities of business expansion or seeking to refine their strategy, The Circle provides a comprehensive suite of resources, including Becca’s expert coaching, on-demand workshops, and exclusive hot seat coaching sessions with John Richardson for personalized mentorship (and with Becca Pike for VIP members). Members enjoy the flexibility of accessing transformative content at their own pace, with options for annual or monthly payments, and a VIP upgrade for deeper engagement. The Circle encapsulates a commitment to fostering substantial business growth and operational excellence, making it an essential investment for entrepreneurs ready to transform their ventures.

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Introducing Becca Pike

Becca Pike’s entrepreneurial spirit and determination have propelled her from the early challenges of starting a business to managing successful enterprises with multi-million dollar revenues. Her journey reflects a deep commitment to smart work over hard labor, illustrating her capacity to grow businesses while maintaining a balanced life. As the driving force behind Hell Yes Coaching, Becca is passionate about imparting the lessons she’s learned, aiming to equip other entrepreneurs with the knowledge and strategies needed for their growth and success. Through her leadership, she has become a guiding light for business owners seeking to expand their ventures and achieve their goals, offering a clear pathway to success through her coaching and mentorship.

What You Get With HYC’s The Circle


Interviewing & Hiring Series


How to Host High Converting Webinars


Selling on Instagram Series


Content & Prompt Ideas PDF


Selling with Integrity


Simplify Your Business




Strategy Q&A Sessions


Management & Training


Firing Training


My First 100k: Coaches Edition Series


Scale to Sell




Business Development Workshops


Intimate Hot Seat Coaching


VIP Hot Seat Coaching

Benefits of Your Business Coaching Membership in Louisville, Kentucky

The HYC business coaching membership is a comprehensive program designed to accelerate business growth and enhance strategic thinking for entrepreneurs. With on-demand training content, members can access a wealth of knowledge tailored to fit their schedule, ensuring no opportunity for learning is missed. Business development workshops offer practical, hands-on experiences to tackle real-world challenges, fostering growth and innovation. Strategy Q&A sessions allow members to dive deep into their specific business questions, receiving targeted advice from experts. Intimate hot seat coaching sessions with John Richardson provide a personalized approach to overcoming obstacles, while entrepreneur discussion threads create a vibrant community for sharing insights and experiences. For those seeking an even more personalized coaching experience, VIP hot seat coaching with Becca Pike offers exclusive access to her expertise, helping members make significant leaps in their business ventures. Together, these features form a dynamic ecosystem designed to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

Try Becca Pike Coaching Content First For Only $47

If you’re hesitant to fully invest in Thirty More Business Mastermind Group, take a moment to experience HYC’s teaching style and insights firsthand with this 3-day masterclass. It’s a perfect opportunity to witness Becca in action, ensuring the program aligns with your expectations and learning needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hell Yes Coaching’s The Circle?

The Circle is an annual membership program offered by Hell Yes Coaching, specifically designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders. It’s a platform where members can access a vast array of resources, including on-demand training content, business development workshops, and personalized coaching sessions. The aim is to provide members with the tools and support they need to scale their businesses and enhance their leadership skills.

How often is new content published for members?

Members of The Circle can expect new content to be published regularly so the learning materials are fresh, relevant, and in tune with the latest business trends and strategies.

What is the structure of the workshops & events?

The workshops and events are structured to offer a mix of educational content, interactive Q&A sessions, and group discussions. This format is designed to cater to the diverse learning styles of members and to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the topics.

What is hot seat coaching?

Hot seat coaching is a personalized coaching session where selected members have the opportunity to present their business challenges and receive direct feedback and actionable advice from a coach. This format is particularly beneficial for deep dives into specific issues, offering tailored solutions and strategies for improvement.

Can I cancel my membership to The Circle?

Once you’ve committed to The Circle, whether through an annual payment or a monthly payment plan, you are responsible for the full year’s membership fee. It is not possible to cancel the membership part-way through the year.

Will I have access to other members of The Circle?

Yes, membership includes access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs through entrepreneur discussion threads and certain interactive sessions. This community aspect is designed to foster networking, collaboration, and mutual support among members.

Are any of the events live?

Events are delivered using a combination of channels, such as Zoom sessions, Telegram channel audio broadcasts, and webinar releases. Some new masterclasses are pre-recorded so members can review them at their own pace on their own time, and some events, like workshops, are interactive and live. Members of The Circle will have access to replays after the fact if someone can’t make it live. New content will be published promptly so users can access it in a timely manner​​.

How long will I have access to on-demand and new content?

As a member, you’ll have access to the on-demand content as well as any new content released throughout your active membership year. To maintain access to these resources and any new updates, members are encouraged to renew their membership annually.

Is there a membership discount for other services Becca offers?

While The Circle membership offers a wealth of resources and benefits, any additional discounts or special rates for other services offered by Becca or Hell Yes Coaching will be communicated separately to members, if available. Existing members may be eligible for discounted rates on renewals or other offerings.