Business Coaching Membership in Lexington, KY

Business Coaching Membership in Lexington, KY

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The Circle

Hell Yes Coaching stands out as a beacon of guidance and empowerment for Lexington, Kentucky business leaders aiming to ascend to new heights of success. At the core of Hell Yes Coaching’s offerings is The Circle, an exclusive annual business coaching membership designed to equip seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to excel and expand. Founded by Becca Pike, a renowned business and entrepreneur success coach, Hell Yes Coaching is driven by a mission to transform businesses into thriving, scalable enterprises. With a track record of steering her own companies to 7-figure successes, Becca brings a wealth of practical knowledge, distilled into the comprehensive resources of The Circle. The Circle is tailored for business owners seeking to scale their operations efficiently, entrepreneurs in need of a structured approach to optimize their business strategies, leaders aiming to transition from service providers to visionary CEOs, and those who value integrity and authenticity in marketing and business growth. 

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Introducing Becca Pike

Becca Pike, the force behind Hell Yes Coaching, has journeyed from the chaos of launching a brick-and-mortar company to steering it to 7-figure success. Familiar with the early-stage hustles and challenges of lacking a concrete roadmap, Becca lived her initial business days juggling between daily crises. However, her unwavering determination and a thirst for knowledge led her to invest in herself. She sought mentorship, became a part of masterminds, and dedicated herself to learning from any resource available, from books to podcasts.

What You Get With HYC’s The Circle

The Circle offers flexible payment plans. The first option is a one-time investment of $8,888, providing full access to all content, workshops, and coaching sessions for a year. The second option is monthly payments of $888 per month, catering to those who prefer spreading out the investment over time. For an additional $5,000, members can access exclusive small group coaching sessions with Becca Pike, providing an even more personalized coaching experience.


Interviewing & Hiring Series


How to Host High Converting Webinars


Selling on Instagram Series


Content & Prompt Ideas PDF


Selling with Integrity


Simplify Your Business




Strategy Q&A Sessions


Management & Training


Firing Training


My First 100k: Coaches Edition (Masterclass)


Scale to Sell




Business Development Workshops


Intimate Hot Seat Coaching


VIP Hot Seat Coaching

Benefits of Your Business Coaching Membership in Lexington, Kentucky

Members get access to on-demand business training content, providing the flexibility to learn at one’s own pace, live content sessions and hot seat coaching, offering personalized guidance, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs for collaboration and support, and proven organic marketing strategies that emphasize value and authenticity. The Circle offers a comprehensive training vault covering topics from hiring to scaling your business and business development workshops to address various facets of business growth. Members participate in strategy Q&A sessions for personalized advice and insights and exclusive entrepreneur discussion threads to foster community and shared learning. Access to intimate hot seat coaching sessions for transformative mentorship are also available. While specific dates and times for live sessions are communicated in advance, The Circle’s digital platform ensures that members can access the vast majority of content, including workshops and resources, at any time, from anywhere.

Try Hell Yes Coaching Content First

If you’re hesitant to fully invest in The Circle, take a moment to experience Hell Yes Coaching’s teaching style and insights firsthand with this free masterclass. It’s a perfect opportunity to witness us in action and make sure the program aligns with your expectations and learning needs.



Learn how to use Instagram as a tool to attract clients to your business with this free online IG marketing course.

Learn how to utilize Instagram as a tool to attract clients to your business with this FREE online IG marketing course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hell Yes Coaching’s The Circle?

The Circle is an annual membership offered by Hell Yes Coaching that provides access to a comprehensive library of on-demand business training, workshops, hot seat coaching, and many more resources crafted by Becca Pike and her team​​.

How often is new content published for members?

New content is published monthly so members always have fresh insights, strategies, and resources to enhance their business endeavors​​.

What is the structure of the workshops & events?

Workshops and events are structured to provide a mix of teachings, interactive Q&A sessions, and group discussions. Schedules and topics are shared to help members prepare and make the most of each session​​.

What is hot seat coaching?

Hot seat coaching is an intimate coaching session where selected members present their specific business challenges and receive direct feedback and actionable advice from the coach. John Richardson leads hot seat coaching for The Circle members, and VIP access includes bonus hot seat coaching with Becca Pike. It’s an opportunity for transformative, personalized mentorship​​.

Can I cancel my membership to The Circle?

No, once you’ve committed to The Circle membership, whether through the annual payment or the monthly payment plan, you are responsible for the entire year’s membership fee. It’s not an option to cancel part-way through the year​​.

Will I have access to other members of The Circle?

Yes, through entrepreneur discussion threads and certain interactive sessions, members can connect, share, learn, and collaborate with other like-minded individuals within The Circle​​.

Are any of the events live?

Events are delivered using a combination of channels, such as Zoom sessions, Telegram channel audio broadcasts, and webinar releases. Some new masterclasses are pre-recorded so members can review them at their own pace on their own time, and some events, like workshops, are interactive and live. Members of The Circle will have access to replays after the fact if someone can’t make it live. New content will be published promptly so users can access it in a timely manner​​.

How long will I have access to on-demand and new content?

Members have access to the on-demand content and any new content released during their active membership year. For continuous access to new content and to retain access to previously released materials, members would need to renew their membership annually​​.

Is there a membership discount for other services Becca offers?

Membership details and offers are specific to The Circle. Any additional discounts or special rates for other services offered by Becca would be communicated separately to members if available. Renewals for The Circle’s existing members will be discounted in succeeding years​​.